Front-End React Engineer

Self-driven team player with clear communication

ES6 / async-await / React.js / Redux / Saga / Thunk / Flow / Typescript / GraphQL / Node.JS / Jest / Mocha
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Hello! My name is Andrew Osipov I am 30 years old, happy married and I have a little baby.

I am a self-organized and team playing oriented freelance Front-End React Engineer with 8+ years of experience in front-end and back-end developing.

I am interested in a long-term job with a distributed team of remote developers.

I am a great team player. I participate in all daily meetups and chats. I comfortable work within an existing codebase and code style. I always give an honest status to my work and try to be predictable in my job. Trello, Slack and Git or Bitbucket are my usual tools for collaboration with the team.

My current tech stack includes:

  • JavaScript ES6-7 / React / Redux / Saga / Thunk / Flow / Typescript
  • Styled components / Css-in-JS / Css modules
  • Node.js / GraphQL
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Sass / Less / Jade
  • Webpack / Gulp

I am constantly learning new technologies and tools to keep up with the times and to be an in-demand developer.

My goal is to prove myself as a team player and prove my skills in creating perfect complex web applications.

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Open minded

I keep my mind opened to new knowledge and technology. 
 I continuously improve code quality and learn engineering best practices

Passionate about interfaces

I like to design and develop interfaces. The interface is very important because it is the face of the business and its quality affects customer loyalty

Caring about team

I know that my code will be accompanied by other developers or members of my team. Therefore, I write only an understandable readable code

I  what I do and I do it with a great deal of passion

Building the web

I have a great passion about growing of modern technology. Web sites ceased to be just sources of information. Now web site is a complex of different elements of one business model and web are so deeply penetrated into our lives that we cannot see its boundaries. And quality interfaces of web applications have a strong impact on the quality of our daily lives

Let's to build the web together!
My strong skills
I am able to accomplish any Front-End Engineer Tasks
JavaScript ES6 

I have deep knowledge and experience in JS ES6. If it necessary I use all the functionality of modern JS: modules, classes, promises and etc.

React.js / Vue.js / jQuery / Bootstrap

I’m not chasing technology but popular frameworks are included in my Tech Stack

Ajax / Socket / REST API

Modern Web Standarts require interactive interfaces so asynchronous interaction with server is irreplaceable in Frontend Development

HTML5 / CSS3 / Sass / Less / SVG 

I use most opportunities of modern browsers like media, svg, css animation, gradients and etc. to achieve goals by best ways

Node.js / npm / MongoDB

Node.JS and npm are my close friends. They make my working process more richer.

Back End/ Full Stack / MySQL

I have a lot of experience in Fullstack Development using Perl, PHP, C#, MySQL, Postgre SQL, Apache, Unix, SSH

SEO/ Digital Marketing

Frontend is important part of any IT buisness. So I have lot of knowledge of Marketing and Sales to improve total profit 

Webpack / Gulp / IDE / UI&Lib Kits

Kit of tools are make my working process more faster, clean and reduce the probability of mistakes in projects

TDD/ Unit tests

TDD helps me to get clean code and quickly find and fix bugs in growing project

My work
I have worked with 20+ of the biggest companies in Russia like Remote Outsourcing Front-End and Full-Stack Software Engineer and Web Designer.
  • Andrew is a dedicated developer who has proven skills in constructing large — scale responsive sites in the latest platforms. I worked with Andrew remotely for several months and found him to be very responsive and cooperative, a great extension to our development team. I would thoroughly recommend him!

    Michael Avery — Senior Product Manager at Music First
  • I had the pleasure to work with Andrew on building a static site with Gatsby.js, React, GraphQL and ContentFul — He didn’t know most of these tools to start with but after a few iterations he developed a completely dynamic system which was the perfect solution based on the ever-changing client requirements. I am looking forward to collaborate more with him in the near future!

    Nicolas Lair  — Above The Clouds — Co-Founder / Wellnest — CTO / Full Stack Architect, Developer: MEAN & MERN, Web Designer


  • Andrew is an excellent developer ! He did a wordpress plugin for me and it works very well.
    Andrew always takes the time to understand what I need and provide the plugin without any bugs.

    I was very pleased to work with Andrew and I recommend working with him !

    Allan Pissarello — SEO — SEA Manager
  • Andrew is a great Developer. It is self-organized, result-oriented and clearly communicated.
    I worked with him on the project and saw him as a professional. 
    I recommend to work with Andrew

    Vladimir Ulyanoff — Project Lead — Groupe IT Link
  • Andrew is very smart and reliable person with high level skills in JavaScript development. Andrew has good self-motivation and incredible performance in remote work.

    Evgeny Pavlov — Staff Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Russia


  • «Excellent work and good result. Andrew valiantly coped with a difficult task and was able to offer and implement an elegant solution to the problem. Excellent specialist.»

    Alexander Vlasov — Containerum, Buisness Architector
  • «Excellent work done well and on time. We plan to continue cooperation.»

    Alexander Poletaev — Alpaca Dev Studio, Headmaster
My interests
User experience

I study user experience in interfaces and its influence on different fields of life and its application as a way to facilitate

Marketing, Sales

I study the best strategies of complex automatic marketing funnels and sales systems

Psychology of the subconscious

I study the psychology of the subconscious mind for self-development and expansion of horizons


I like solving non-standard tasks for logic and abstract thinking, resting from work


I have a passion for travel, mountains, cities, the sea and flying in the sky


I regularly perform a complex of physical and respiratory exercises in order to maintain a good state of the body

I love my job and I’ll glad to help you to achive your goals in your projects.
Let’s connect and see what we can create together!
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